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Workout Plans

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Workout Plans:

How do you know how to determine the best workout plan? Fitness magazines, books, and websites all suggest workout plans with a specific amount of sets and reps to do per exercise, but how do you know if this is the correct amount for your level and your goal? This article will help you determine the best workout plan for your exercise level and goals. Continue reading “Workout Plans” »

Free Weight Training: Advantages and Disadvantages

Free Weights,Strength Training

Free Weight Training

Health and fitness clubs are full of many machines dedicated to each muscle group with full illustrated diagrams on each showing how to complete the exercise, so why make it more complicated and train with free weights over in the “other” corner of the gym?  The corner mostly populated by muscular men that may feel a bit intimidating; I think we all are well aware of this section.  Take a deep breath and walk over to that section, do not feel intimidated by those who seem more advanced than you, everyone has been in your shoes at one point and time and there are advantages of lifting Free Weights, so don’t miss out. This article will explain the advantages and disadvantages of including Free Weights into your daily workout.

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